Of grades and results

Repos Administration

A day with no lecture planned, but no rest for this Great Dragon. since yesterday's grades can't be entered through the web (long, boring story), my Dragon office colleague enters the notes that I'm reading off my phone's screen.

We prepare report cars and result summaries, it takes a lot of time, with a small interruption by some students who (surprise, surprise) want to change groups. After that we prepare two report cards manually for a student doing a customized cursus (which means it doesn't simply work using the grade management software, so we tinker to get it "working")

After that mini-meeting with another colleague to talk about some sheep who want to change paddocks (again, but these are english speaking ones), some of whom may give me a headache.

All in all, I left work at 7pm (but I'll be honest, I spent the whole morning at home).

Tomorrow, meetings to validate or fail students, and then the department general meeting, now that's gonna be rock&roll.

The Dragon's Awakening

The Wakening ?

Today, my inner Dragon woke up. By Dragon, I don't mean Tolkien's Dragon, hoarder of gold and burninator of peasants, but Gardner's Dragon, Keeper of Knowledge.

In other less exotic terms, today's back to school day. I can feel a flame coming to my eye.

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Un peu de sérieux

En Septembre, en attendant la suite...

Bon, on arrive en Septembre. Mon cours est fait, mes polys (miracle, tout y est : cours, td, tp) sont à la repro. Il y a une rentrée à gérer (avec déjà des étudiants mécontents de leur groupe avant même la rentrée, wouhou), et ensuite je vais pouvoir me consacrer à des choses sérieuses : des scénarios pour débutants pour initiation au JDR fin octobre (dès que la com' pour le festival est lancée, promis vous m'entendrez spammer en parler). J'ai un peu de pression, ça fait depuis le lycée que je n'ai pas meujeuté, et c'était avec des potes, pas des inconnus.

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