Tomorrow Comes Today

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning

Last night, I was musing on Facebook that I should pick up this blog, and begin (again (and again)) writing it. For real, this time. For really, really real. Or maybe not so much begin as resume, albeit possibly in a new direction.


When I kicked things off 16 months ago, I meant to blog my activities as a teacher, and as someone in charge of overseeing 140ish students in a C.S. departement. As things often go when I'm concerned, I quickly lost focus and spent my time doing other things. Namely: work, sport, games and a little bit of living.

Alas! This blog gathered dust and things were left untouched. Cobwebs, dustballs, rust, let us see if we can clean things up a bit, eh? Maybe put some wax on (wax off), make the metal shine again, and vacuum the leftovers of the past year.

I figure I like to share the things I enjoy -- games (boardgames, video games, role playing games), music, movies, series, books, my work -- so I might as well blog about them, and not just share content, but also share why I liked/enjoyed it. And -- who knows ? -- maybe the world will care, or maybe just one of you, and you, that special someone, mean the world to me.

So, without further ado, let me share some music!

Why start with La Femme? Because my friend Laurent shared his 2016 playlist, in which this particular piece appears.

La Femme is an odd number, that I cannot (not want to) classify in one genre. Sphynx has that repetitive, hypnotic melody and Naomi Greene's voice fits perfectly; not quite whispered, but with a wispy quality to it. The lyrics speak of acid and dance and Babylon, and the video that was made for it stays true to the theme and style.

Sphynx réveille toi ! Emporte moi et guide moi sur le chemin
Il nous emmènera au loin à mille et une années lumière et nous durerons dans le temps, nous serons Sphynx

Wake up, Sphynx ! Take me away and guide me on the path
That will take us afar, one thousand and one light years away, and through time we will endure, we will be Sphynx

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