Danger Zone

So far, I've been talking about books and music I like, so for a change, I'll write about art, and more specifically, an artist: Daniel Danger.

D is For Dangerous

Daniel Danger is an illustrator and printmaker from the USA, in the New England Area. He runs Tiny Media Empire, a production and design company based out of Boston, MA. He has been working for the likes of Universal Pictures, Dreamworks, Penguin Books, Lucas-Arts, several music labels and more. He has also given numerous exhibits through the years across the USA.

Most importantly, he is amazing at what he does.

"to my only daughter, Abigail born in June"

I first discovered him last year, when i was searching for a new profile+cover combo for my Facebook profile. I stumbled upon a picture of Alice and the Jabberwock and it was an immediate like.

"has thou slain the jabberwock?"

There is something so eerie in what he draws, and so meticulously detailed. It just so happened that for Facebook, alice stands right where your profile picture is, relative to the cover picture, so I shamelessly used the whole image to make my profile.

And today is my opportunity to tell you to go on his store and to buy a print, because they are beautiful (and reasonably priced).

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