Grendel's My neighbor's Internet's strawberry shortcake

After an afternoon grading papers, there's nothing like a little cooking to take a break (before going back to grading, who am I kidding?).



To make your strawberry shortcake you will need:

  1. 250g of mascarpone. You should be able to find that in any good supermarket near you.
  2. 100g of fromage blanc. It's really common here. Cream cheese is similar but has more fat. you can use more to make the preparation more liquid. On the opposite, using mascarpone makes it firmier.
  3. Some orange juice. Bio is not mandatory, but if I'm going to drink it after, migth aswell get some quality.
  4. Ladyfingers. With the cake tin I'm using, I need 15 of them.
  5. 100g icing sugar. The reason is that regular powdered sugar won't melt as well and mix with the fromage blanc and mascarpone. Icing sugar just does.
  6. 250g strawberries. If there aren't any, a good substitute is a bag of frozen strawberries or other red fruits.


Preprare your cake tin by lining it with clingfilm like thus :

Do not shy away from using a long piece, it will be used at the end to wrap the cake around. Remove the strawberry leaves and cut them. I found that cutting them in halves is the best size for this cake.

Get the preparation ready : take the mascarpone, the fromage blanc and the sugar and put them in a large bowl. whip it good, until you end up with a smooth, creamy texture. I used a fork to do it, but you can use whatever, really.

My bowl runneth over...
Mixing done.

Get a plate and pour just a little orange juice in it.

Just enough to wet the ladyfingers.

Wet the ladyfingers quickly, one by one, just enough to get the top and bottom side wet, then put the at the bottom of your tin, with the flat side of the ladyfingers up (when you get the cake out, they will be at th top of th cake). cover with a first layer of strawberries. The most observant among you will have noticed I gut the ladyfingers : my tin isn't rectangular and the bottom is thinner than the top. I also cut a lot of them because the first ones were cut too short. Go me. \o/

Getting the bottom ready

Cover the strawberries with a layer of preparation.

First vanishing act

Get a second layer of strawberries in place. Eat the left over strawberries.

Strawberry field forever

And now make them disappear.


Wet the remaining ladyfingers then cover the top. unlike me, you should put the flat side up.

And last, wrap the clingfilm around to cover the cake. Push down a bit to make it compact. Actual tin makes it easier since silicon molds tend to deform.


Leave in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Serve immediately after taking it out of the fridge.

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